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Our Favorite Stoned Things to Do in Somerset NJ

things to do in somerset nj

Our Favorite Stoned Things to Do in Somerset NJ

Somerset County, New Jersey offers plenty of fun activities for residents and visitors alike. And while the area has much to enjoy sober, we think some pastimes are even better when you’re a little high. So pack a bowl or eat an edible and check out our guide to the best-stoned things to do in Somerset, NJ.

Hit the Links

One of our favorite stoned activities is playing a round of golf at one of Somerset’s courses. There are several excellent options like Mattawang Golf Club and Quail Brook Golf Course. Getting high and playing golf is a relaxing way to spend the day with friends.


Mattawang Golf Club

They offer stoned golfers an immaculately maintained 18-hole public course set across scenic undulating landscapes in Central Jersey. The engaging risk-reward layout will test skills and immerse elevated players in natural beauty throughout each hole. Mattawang provides a premier spot to play while high for a unique perspective on Somerset County’s picturesque scenery.


Quail Brook Golf Course

Quail Brook Golf Course winds through peaceful wetlands and woodlands, offering stoned golfers a straightforward championship layout amid tranquil natural settings. The wide fairways open up to serene water features, letting elevated players soak in the idyllic surroundings hole-by-hole. Quail Brook provides an ideal spot to play while high for a relaxed perspective on Somerset County’s pristine scenic landscapes.

Being high helps you get in the zone and focus on each shot without overthinking things. It also makes the beautiful scenery more vibrant and enhances the feeling of being out in nature. Just don’t get so stoned that you hold up play!

things to do in somerset nj

Go Bowling

Bowlero in Green Brook

Bowling at Bowlero in Green Brook is a fun activity when you’re stoned. The neon lights seem brighter, the music more upbeat, and the crowds more lively after smoking some weed. Snacking on cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, and milkshakes really satisfies the munchies. Getting high with friends as you bowl some gutter balls and occasional strikes makes for a chill afternoon or evening out. The good vibes and laughs shared while stoned bowling create great memories. With its energetic atmosphere and tasty snacks, Bowlero is an awesome place to bowl after smoking up. It’s a relaxing way to spend time with your buddies doing something you enjoy.

things to do in somerset nj

Go to the Movies

Seeing a movie while stoned is a quintessential pastime. You’ll get way more engrossed in the plot and visuals. And comedy films are way funnier—you’ll probably have trouble keeping quiet. Somerset has great theaters like:


AMC Bridgewater 7

Catching a flick at AMC Bridgewater 7 while stoned allows you to get fully engrossed in the movie. You’ll get way more invested in the plot and visuals when elevated. And comedies seem absolutely hilarious when high – you’ll have to try hard not to bust out laughing! Visiting this theater enhances the cinematic experience and provides an entertaining afternoon.


Rutgers Cinema

Located on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, Rutgers Cinema is a cool indie theater to catch a movie while stoned. The theater’s retro vibe, cheap tickets, and eclectic concessions make it a favorite destination for college students and others looking to see films through an enhanced lens. Visiting Rutgers Cinema Baked leads to thought-provoking entertainment.

So, if you’re down for a cinematic journey where the plot, the visuals, and your high collide in the most epic way possible, Somerset’s got the ticket to your next unforgettable movie night.

things to do in somerset nj

Go Camping

Blackwells Mills

Nestled along the scenic Millstone River, Blackwells Mills Campground is a great spot for camping while stoned. Pitch your tent and spend the day hiking the park trails to take in epic views of waterfalls, hemlock forests, and rare plants. At night, stargazing and relaxing fireside feel extra magical when elevated. Waking up to birdsong and coffee with a morning joint is the perfect start to a chilled-out camping day. Blackwells Mills allows you to feel at one with nature when high.
things to do in somerset nj


Elevate your Somerset County adventures by adding a touch of Leaf Haus magic to the mix the next time you’re seeking out some stoned fun. From wandering through scenic towns to immersing yourself in nature spots, or diving into local events, everything becomes a vibrant, unforgettable experience when paired with Leaf Haus dispensary delights!


Just remember to take it easy when you partake. Be sure to have a designated driver, never drive while high. With good top-shelf weed from Leaf Haus and endless options for entertainment, you’ll have amazing, next-level experiences when high in Somerset.