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What Are New Jersey’s Favorite Weed Strains?

What Are New Jersey's Favorite Weed Strains?

You’re finally ready to check out the weed scene in the Garden State now that New Jersey has legalized recreational marijuana. But with so many options, how do you choose your first legal bud?


What strains reign supreme in dispensaries across New Jersey? We did the research so you don’t have to, polling budtenders to get the inside scoop on the most popular strains purchased by New Jersey cannabis consumers.


So, what are the best weed strains in New Jersey that have captured the hearts (and lungs) of its residents? Here are the top contenders:

best weed strains in New Jersey

B52 Bomber: Soaring High with Potent Bliss

B-52 is a mostly indica hybrid strain created by crossing Skunk and Big Bud. With a 75% indica and 25% sativa ratio. B-52 offers a sweet, skunky flavor profile and potent cerebral effects. It’s an excellent choice for both commercial growers and connoisseurs who enjoy Skunk lineage strains.


With its fast-paced lifestyle, New Jersey residents know stress. B52 Bomber weed has become a popular way to find some peace. Its relaxing effects let you unwind after a hectic workday or get into a creative flow. The earthy, citrusy scent is pleasing and helps bring on a sense of tranquil calm. Whether you need to destress or tap into your imagination, B52 Bomber offers a comforting retreat from the commotion of everyday life in New Jersey. Its mellow vibes provide a sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle.

best weed strains in New Jersey

Brownie Scout: Indulge Your Senses in Sweet Delight

Brownie Scout is a cannabis strain that leans more towards Indica effects. It was bred by crossing Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, another marijuana strain, with Kosher Kush. Brownie Scout is known for having very high THC levels, typically testing between 27-37% THC. This exceptionally potent THC content makes Brownie Scout a popular and desired strain among cannabis.


Brownie Scout has become a popular cannabis strain among New Jersey weed lovers who like a balanced high and tasty aroma. With its relaxing yet euphoric effects, Brownie Scout is great for cozy nights at home or sharing laughs with friends. Its pleasant smell and mellow buzz make any experience a little better. For cannabis fans looking to unwind and uplift their mood, Brownie Scout is a top choice. This tasty strain has earned a loyal following in New Jersey for its ability to create a carefree sense of contentment.


Animal Mint Cake: A Savory Symphony of Flavors

Animal Mint Cake is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Animal Cookies with Wedding Cake. It contains around 22% THC and 1% CBG, making it a good choice for experienced users looking for potent effects. People report feeling tingly, euphoric, and talkative after using Animal Mint Cake. Medical cannabis patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms like pain, anxiety, and stress.


New Jersey is known for its amazing food scene, so it’s no surprise that cannabis strains with delicious flavors are popular here too. Animal Mint Cake has a unique minty and cake-like taste, it’s a treat for the senses. It provides a super relaxing high that goes great on its own or paired with a fancy meal. For cannabis lovers who also appreciate culinary adventures, this tasty strain really hits the spot. Animal Mint Cake has become a favorite in New Jersey for anyone looking to combine incredible flavor with a mellow buzz.


Pink Gushers: Bursting with Flavor and Potency

Pink Gushers is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Gelato #1 and Triangle Kush. Named after the candy, it has a sweet, tropical fruit flavor. The relaxing high provides euphoria and comfort, making Gushers perfect for laidback nights in. With THC levels of 15-22%, it helps relieve chronic stress, anxiety, depression and pain.


Check out our blog for the best cannabis strains for anxiety.


Pink Gushers cannabis has become popular in New Jersey for its ability to provide a pleasant and balanced high. With its uplifting effects and sweet fruity taste, it’s a great option whether you want to relax after work or get creative. Pink Gushers hits the spot whether you need to unwind or want some inspiration.


New Jersey has a booming cannabis culture with all kinds of popular strains to match different tastes and needs. The wide variety allows both residents and visitors to explore and find their perfect cannabis match. One thing’s for sure – getting high in the Garden State will keep getting more interesting! Also, consider checking out the Leaf Haus menu for a variety of New Jersey weed strain options.

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