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Best Things to Do in New Brunswick: Stoned Activities

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick: Stoned Activities

Are you bored of just chilling on the couch after sparking up? Looking for things to do in New Brunswick?

Spice up your buzz and enjoy live music, cool galleries, and hilarious comedy. It’s a fun city with lots to explore—get ready for a good time!

Bring along some munchies and see ‘things to do near New Brunswick’ through an enhanced lens. We’ve put together the perfect guide to experiencing the best of New Brunswick’s music, art, culture, and more while elevated. Because everything is a little more interesting and exciting when you’re flying high.

Follow us on a cannabis-fueled adventure through the creative side of New Brunswick! The city’s got a mad culture, you just have to know where to look.

Experience the Art Scene in New Brunswick

Zimmerli Art Museum

Lose yourself wandering the massive 60,000-piece collection at this Rutgers museum while feeling elevated. Gaze for hours at Impressionist paintings or get trippy with the sculptures and photos that shift your perspective.

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick

Rutgers Gardens

After the museum, we recommend taking a peaceful, relaxing stroll through Rutgers Gardens. Meander through spots like the Holly Arboretum, Rose Garden, and Bamboo Collection. It’s amazing to feel fully connected with nature while walking past all the vibrant flowers and unusual plants.

Immersing yourself in New Brunswick’s art and culture is a really cool activity when you want to expand your perspective and get a little lost in the moment.

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick

Experience Nature in New Brunswick

Buccleuch Park

If you’re looking to get blissed out in nature when visiting New Brunswick, you’ve gotta spend some time chilling at Buccleuch Park. Pack some munchies, bring a comfy blanket, and post up under the towering trees there. Listen to the peaceful bird songs and the flowing river nearby. Feel all your stress completely melt away.

Buccleuch Park is an awesome spot to enhance your perspective by getting lost in the beauty of nature. Either way, you’ll feel centered and rejuvenated after an elevated experience in the park.

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick

Visit the Colorful Murals Around Town

Circolo Art & Culture

Craving boundary-pushing art? Check out Circolo Art & Culture’s cutting-edge installations and performances. Experience trippy digital media, avant-garde shows, and immersive exhibits that will expand your consciousness.

Stoned Activities in New Brunswick

Edmundston Arts Centre

Get your creativity flowing at this funky converted church. Drop in on far-out workshops, exhibits, and performances.

When craving arts and culture in New Brunswick, these spots offer mind-bending experiences to open your consciousness and ignite your imagination.

See Live Music or a Show

Experiencing live music or a theater performance can be extra moving and enjoyable when your mind is especially open. Luckily, New Brunswick has some great venues.


Hub City Sounds

Looking to get elevated and transported by music? Make your way down to Hub City Sounds, an intimate basement venue that hosts local bands, open mics, and DJ sets. Sip a soda, let the primal beats and hypnotic melodies wash over you, and get lost in the moment. You’ll find jazz, indie rock, electronica – whatever speaks to your soul.

Stoned Activities in New Brunswick

Barca City

Barca City is the spot when you’re craving a transcendent musical experience. This intimate venue features local groups along with guest DJs spinning eclectic sets. Feel the vibrations, and let your mind embark on a euphoric journey carried by the rhythms and lyrics.

Treat Yourself to Something Sweet

Of course, heightened sensations of taste are one of the perks when you’re in an enhanced mindset. Indulge your sweet tooth at some of New Brunswick’s dessert spots.


Magnifico’s Ice Cream

Craving a transcendent sweet treat? Magnifico’s homemade gelato and sorbet will launch your tastebuds into euphoria. Their ultra-smooth textures and vibrant, unexpected flavors are heavenly. Savor inventive options like coffee cardamom or cucumber mint for an enlightened ice cream experience.

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick

Confectionately Yours

Indulge your sweet tooth with artisan fudge, caramels, brittles, and chocolates at Confectionately Yours. Their handmade confections offer a sugary trip for your tastebuds. Sink your teeth into traditional flavors or mind-blowing combinations for pure joy. It’s a candy paradise for a blissful head rush.

Let those enhanced senses come alive as you sample every delightful bite. It’s the perfect tasty adventure when seeking an elevated experience in New Brunswick!

Best Things to Do in New Brunswick


With its vibrant art, music, nature, and flavors, New Brunswick is an amazing city to explore to expand your perspective. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and tastes—from museums to concerts, parks to murals, and sweet shops to comedy clubs.


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