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  • Shani
  • Posted by Shani
July 12, 2024

Discover the Leaf Haus loyalty app for personalized cannabis rewards, real-time updates, and the exciting $100 Swap Challenge. Download now! ­čî┐­čô▓

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  • Shani
  • Posted by Shani
July 2, 2024

Ever wondered how many points you've racked up? Or how many different dispensary wallets are you juggling? We feel you—there are so many cool spots to check out, and everyone wants the best deals. But what if there was one Haus that could take care of all your cannabis needs? This summer, Leaf Haus invites you to join our Wallet Swap Challenge. For a limited time, you can double your points and snag some sweet rewards, making every visit to our Somerset, NJ dispensary even more rewarding.

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