Cannabis FAQ

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant that includes three species: Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis ruderalis. Its flowers contain cannabinoids and terpenes that offer medicinal and psychoactive properties. Historically used since 500 BC, cannabis has played a significant role in cultures worldwide.

Is cannabis legal?

Cannabis legality varies by location. In the U.S., some states allow medicinal and/or recreational use, while others do not. Always check local laws.

Where can I get cannabis?

Leaf Haus products are available in Somerset New Jersey

What does using cannabis feel like?

Cannabis effects differ per individual and depend on the product’s cannabinoid and terpene profile. Generally, it may cause relaxation, euphoria, increased sensory perception, and sometimes giggles.

What’s the difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis?

Medical cannabis is prescribed to patients and typically contains higher CBD and lower THC. Recreational cannabis, often higher in THC, is used for its psychoactive effects.

What should I do if I have a problem with a product?

If you encounter issues with a product, contact the dispensary where it was purchased for assistance. For further support, Verano’s customer service team is available to help.

What if I want to work with Verano?

Leaf Haus is always looking for new team members. Check out their available career opportunities on their website.

How do I invest in Verano?

Visit Leaf Haus investor relations site for information on investment opportunities.

Which product is right for me and how much should I take?

Choosing the right product depends on the desired effects. Sativas are usually invigorating, indicas are sedative, and hybrids offer a mix. Start with a low dose and increase gradually. Consult a budtender for personalized advice.

How do cannabinoids and terpenes affect me?

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD, along with various terpenes, contribute to cannabis’ effects. Each combination can produce different therapeutic and psychoactive results.

Can I overdose on cannabis?

While cannabis overdose is not fatal, consuming too much can lead to discomfort. It’s best to start with a low dose and increase slowly.

What are the benefits of cannabis?

Cannabis can relieve symptoms of conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and more. It can also enhance creativity and provide relaxation.

Are there different methods of consuming cannabis?

Yes, cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, ingested as edibles, applied topically, or used as tinctures.

Can I grow my own cannabis?

Growing cannabis at home is subject to state laws. Some states permit home cultivation for personal use, while others do not.

What should I do if I have more questions?

For more information, visit your local dispensary or contact Leaf Haus customer support team.

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