710: How a Quirky Number Became Cannabis Concentrate Culture

When the clock strikes 7:10 PM on July 10th, a segment of the cannabis community celebrates in a way that might puzzle outsiders. This is 710 – a day dedicated to cannabis concentrates that’s been gaining traction since the early 2010s. But what’s the deal with this number, and why has it become so significant?

The Origins: More Than Just a Flip

The story goes that if you flip 710 upside down, it spells “OIL” – a nod to cannabis oils and extracts. While this explanation might seem simplistic, it’s caught on in a big way.

“It’s just the kind of playful, insider language that cannabis culture thrives on,” explains Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh, a cannabis researcher and educator. “But it’s also become a rallying point for discussions about extraction methods, consumption techniques, and the science behind concentrates.”

The First 710 Cup: A Watershed Moment

The term really took off in 2012 with the inaugural 710 Cup in Denver, Colorado. This event, focusing solely on cannabis concentrates, coincided with the early days of adult-use legalization in Colorado and Washington.

“The 710 Cup was a game-changer,” says Jason Cranford, a long-time cultivator and extract producer. “Suddenly, there was a spotlight on concentrates. It wasn’t just about flower anymore.”

The Science Behind the Hype

But 710 isn’t just about clever wordplay. It’s brought attention to the complex world of cannabis extraction and the potential benefits of concentrates.

Dr. Ethan Russo, a neurologist and cannabis researcher, explains: “Concentrates allow for precise dosing and can preserve cannabinoids and terpenes that might be lost in other consumption methods. This can be particularly useful for medical applications.”

However, Dr. Russo is quick to add a note of caution: “The potency of concentrates means they’re not for everyone. Newcomers to cannabis should start with less concentrated forms and always consult with a healthcare professional.”

The Community Aspect

For many, 710 is less about the products and more about the community. Sarah Chen, a budtender in Seattle, shares: “It’s like a mini-holiday for concentrate enthusiasts. We see customers sharing tips, discussing new products, and generally geeking out over extraction methods.”

710 cannabis concentrates

This sense of community extends to education efforts. Many dispensaries and cannabis organizations use 710 as an opportunity to spread awareness about responsible concentrate use.

The Industry Impact

From a business perspective, 710 has become a significant sales day for the cannabis industry. “It’s not quite Black Friday levels, but we definitely see a spike in concentrate sales around July 10th,” notes Miguel Rodriguez, CEO of a multi-state cannabis operator.

This commercial aspect has led to some criticism. “There’s a concern that 710 is becoming too commercialized,” says cannabis activist Deanna Spargo. “We need to ensure that education and responsible use remain at the forefront.”

Looking Ahead

As cannabis legalization spreads, the significance of 710 continues to evolve. It’s no longer just about dabbing – it encompasses a wide range of products from vape cartridges to infused pre-rolls.

“The future of 710 is about innovation,” predicts Dr. Earlenbaugh. “We’re seeing advancements in extraction technologies, new cannabinoid isolations, and more sophisticated consumption devices. It’s an exciting time for cannabis science.”

As another 710 approaches, it serves as a reminder of the rapid evolution of cannabis culture and technology. Whether you’re a dedicated concentrate enthusiast or simply curious about this corner of cannabis culture, 710 offers an opportunity to learn, connect, and perhaps discover something new about this multifaceted plant.

Just remember: when it comes to concentrates, a little goes a long way. Stay informed, stay safe, and maybe this 710, take a moment to appreciate the complex journey from plant to extract. After all, there’s a whole lot of science behind that tiny dab.

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